Machining and bar cutting of elements for technologies using fluids (water or oil) for transmitting the necessary energy for moving mechanisms and making mechanisms move. We are also present in the pneumatic sector where the above mentioned fluids are replaced by compressed air mechanisms.

montaje con boquilla hidraulica Factor Ingenieria y Decoletaje SL
Given the special characteristics of this sector, setting tolerances among the different elements in the mechanism, as well as roughness and finishes which guarantee a perfect seal and fitting among the parts are to be highlighted.
Mainly manufactured with elements which resist corrosion: stainless steel, brass or aluminium. In our product range we find valves, fittings, cylinders, fluid conduction systems, gas and heating pipelines, couplings, turbines, etc.
Our technical office works in conjunction with the R&D departments in order to assess and optimize products.
The quality department carries out all the necessary searches and checks to guarantee that your purchase requirements are met.

We have a dedicated room to manufacture products of the medical range, which allows us to isolate and maintain controlled hygiene and temperature conditions which guarantee the quality of our products.
Our quality department applies the strictest controls on your products, with the possibility of reaching a 100% in case this is required by our customers. We have the most advance control means on vision measuring and systems with 450x magnifications lenses to observe the smallest details in the finishes.
Traceability and data record during production are always guaranteed.
In this moment we are deploying ISO13485.

To flow instead of resisting will allow you to build instead of destroying.