Factor is a company whose activity is the in-line machining of special parts using CNC spindle lathes (bar cutting) and the cold stamping of screws.

We have had both national and international market presence for more than thirty years in sectors which require a technological product with a high added value.

Our corporate strategy is based on 4 pillars:

Among the advantages for our customers, we highlight the following:


Some of the most important events in Factor’s business history

is only possible to move forward when you look far beyond. We can only progress by thinking big

Ortega y Gasset

Our mission is to service our customers along the whole value chain of special machined products, including their development, design, manufacturing and logistics.

Our vision, become your trusted partner in the development and manufacturing of your machined products


Excellence in service

Because we understand that continued improvement and focusing on the customer have to be present in every decision we make.


Our products are incorporated as a component of our customers’ products, so care and attention to details are essential.


Our actions have an effect in all the agents we relate to: customers, suppliers, workers, shareholders, environment and society in general.


Ours is a long term commitment and all our strategies are focused on establishing long term relationships which guarantee the continuity of our business project.


If we add enthusiasm to professionalism the result is unbeatable.


Because we understand that people come first.