Welcome to our web

Welcome to our web


With this first post we want to welcome you to our new web page. In this section we would like to provide a space for sharing the latest news at FACTOR, but we would also like it to become a reference site for the machining and bar cutting sector. Recent developments, proposals, day-to-day issues… everything we consider as interesting to share with you.

At Factor, we adapt to the new reality. We are releasing a new web site with its own personality, with complete information about our operational philosophy and with a renewed image which matches the targets we have set ourselves: clearly communicating the values that define us; excellence in service, quality, responsibility, loyalty, passion and, above all, the value of people.

In the manufacturing process of the different products for diverse sectors, at Factor, we use state-of-the-art equipment and technology which guarantee the quality and reliability of the product’s traceability. But we also consider the human team working with us as a core value which has allowed us to have a deep knowledge of the product and of the processes.

In our opinion, the human factor is very important in our concept of company. And that is the reason why we currently want to show the most human aspect of the company. We want this to be a kind of dialogue in which we want to learn from your comments and professionally respond to your concerns, proposals and remarks.

If you want to know a little more about us, you can also watch our corporate video.

Thanks for trusting us. We will read you soon.

Factor Team



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