Method of Operation


At Factor, we work with a global management philosophy: LEAN MANUFACTURING, which is focused in offering solutions to the customer that maximize his satisfaction, in a team work environment and with continuous improvement of processes.

Operador en torno automático CNC Factor Ingeniería y Decoletaje SL.

What the customer wants, whenever he wants it, with the required quality and at a minimum cost

With this aim in mind, we apply work team techniques (empowerment), visual management of the plant and 5S, indicator of plant efficiency (OEE), total productive maintenance (TPM), quick tool change (SMED) and VSM (Visual Stream Mapping)


esquema Sistema Calidad Total Factor Ingeniería y Decoletaje SL.

Our main value is the human team: highly qualified and in continuous training together with productive technology which guarantees the improvement in constant evolution of all our processes and resources optimization.

Technology will reinvent businesses, but human relationships will keep on being the key to success