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Laboratory and technical office specialized in the manufacturing and quality control of products for this sector; such as prosthesis and joints, dental implants and their accessories, orthopaedic components, etc
Car industry
Manufacturers of motor vehicles trust FACTOR for the manufacturing of all kind of components for their equipment: carburettors, radiators, injectors, boosters, rear view mirrors, bodywork, dashboards, etc
Security and Defence
Among our customer base in this strategic sector, there are companies specialized in security and surveillance equipment, control of access, combat vehicles or producers of ammunition.
Electrical appliances
We manufacture standard fasteners and special parts to drawing, both for white line and brown line manufacturers, as well as for small and large electrical appliances.
The aircraft and aerospace construction sector is a strategic sector for our company. It covers both companies which build aircrafts and companies which build cabin equipment and engines.
Machining and bar cutting for technologies using fluids for transmitting the necessary energy for moving mechanisms and for making mechanisms move. We are also present in the pneumatics sector.
Products for the electronic industry, information technologies and telecommunications. Tailored solutions for the elements that make up measurement equipments, optic fibre, telephone services or IT equipment.
Among our product range we have standard fasteners (manufactured according to international standards such as DIN, ISO,…) and special fasteners (according to customers’ requirements).
“With our know-how and our continued improvement, we make things happen. We are the factor contributing to make cars work, aeroplanes fly, electrical appliances make our life easier, people smile…”Factor Team