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Indicadores clave 2022 de Factor Ingeniería y Decoletaje

Factor shares its key indicators for the 2022 financial year

This step is a further demonstration of our commitment to our customers, employees and collaborators, and allows us to provide a more detailed view of our performance over the past year.

We believe in the value of transparency and engagement with our stakeholders. For this reason, we are sharing indicators that we believe are important for fiscal year 2022. First, we achieved significant revenue growth. Compared to 2021, we improved our revenues by 54%, reaching the figure of 9.1 million euros. This reflects the commitment and efforts of the entire team to increase the competitiveness of our services to customers around the world. In terms of international operations, we have seen significant improvements in our exports to Europe. Sales to countries such as France and Germany, among others in the European Union, increased by 5% compared to the previous year.

In addition to these economic figures, we are particularly proud of our job creation efforts during the year. We increased our workforce to more than 80 people, a significant growth of 28%. A team that is a fundamental pillar of our development, where the incorporation of new talent gives us the opportunity to continue innovating in the metallic industry and offering services of excellence in smart manufacturing.

On the other hand, the incorporation of agile methodologies has allowed us to provide internal training in a very innovative way. Especially at the technical level in the production, quality and engineering areas. This system reinforces the polyvalence of the staff and helps us to maintain a continuous training update of the staff. In this line, we have always considered professional development as a differentiating element for the sustainable growth of the company. For this reason, we would like to share with you three commitments that support our strategy:

1. Commitment to training and specialization. We maintain an 80-20 ratio between university education and specific studies.
2. Commitment to job stability. 93.5% of our team has a permanent contract, providing a stable work environment and promoting job quality.
3. Commitment to career development. In FY 2022, 93% of our employees were evaluated on their job performance, a practice that has allowed us to establish a constructive dialogue between our employees and their direct managers, thus promoting their technical and competency development.

If you would like to see these indicators in more detail, we invite you to consult them on our website:

These indicators are only a synthesis of our will to continue on the path of sustainable growth, the development of our team and the provision of quality solutions to our customers. Together, we hope to continue to achieve new goals and build an even more promising future.

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New CMM added to Factor's machinery park     

Hexagon Metrology's Global Lite and PC-DMIS CAD software, based on the Manufacturing Intelligence Enhanced Productivity concept, is becoming the fundamental quality tool for automating and optimizing the company's inspection and control processes.

In an ongoing effort to maintain high quality standards and gain operational efficiencies, we are pleased to announce the addition of a new coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to our machine fleet. 

The Global Lite will allow us to make accurate and reliable measurements to ensure the quality of our products. The combination of the Global Lite CMM and PC-DMIS CAD software provides us with a complete solution from data acquisition to analysis and reporting. This allows us to get faster and more accurate results, optimizing our resources and reducing production time.
The Global Lite 7.7.5 CMM offers reliable and accurate three-dimensional inspections with a maximum resolution of 0.1 μm and a high-resolution scale of 0.039 μm, while improving the efficiency of inspection processes thanks to the possibility of automating them and running them in batches. On the other hand, its XYZ measurement range (700 - 500 mm) is 100% adapted to the type of parts and assemblies we develop at Factor.

In addition, the Manufacturing Intelligence Enhanced Productivity approach gives us a comprehensive view of our processes, helping us to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization in real time. The machine and its control software are now fully operational in our facilities, helping us to gain a deeper understanding of our measurement data so that we can make informed decisions to optimize our manufacturing processes and deliver significant improvements to our customers.

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Retrato de Juan José Ocaña, nuevo Director de Operaciones de Factor.

Juanjo Ocaña, Factor's new Chief Operating Officer

After 25 years of leadership in the position, Luis Gastaldo moves on to other roles within Factor's Board of Directors.

Factor has driven major advances and changes in the operations area over the last decade. We have made a "technological evolution" a fact thanks to the implementation of lean manufacturing methodologies, the development of an engineering team with high design capacity and the achievement of our commitment to smart manufacturing. This is the starting point for Juan José Ocaña, who has been in charge of Operations Management since the beginning of June 2023.

Juan José Ocaña, Executive MBA from EAE Business School, has spent the last 15 years managing industrial plants, leading the areas of production/processes, planning, quality, logistics, maintenance and continuous improvement, as well as coordinating the policies and strategic decisions of the HR, financial control, EHS and supply chain departments. He has a proven expertise in both customer-oriented strategic vision and problem-solving skills and results-oriented approach.

Welcome Juanjo! We are convinced that you will contribute with excellence to lead our Operations to continue on the path of growth, efficiency and quality of our services.

We take this opportunity to fully introduce Factor's management team and express our sincere thanks to all our employees for their continuous support. You are essential.



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Factor promotes the improvement in the selection of people with VET Centers in Valencia

Ana María Sánchez, responsible for the people area in Factor, gave last Monday May 29th a first training workshop with the aim of promoting a better harmony with the VET teachers in Valencia regarding career guidance and selection processes of their students.


Lorena Benlliure Fabregat, Vocational Training Prospector of the Generalitat (Cefire Sagunto); Amparo Duro and Eva Gómez, FOL teachers of the Eduardo Merello Institute of Puerto de Sagunto; visited our facilities to participate in this meeting. With them we were able to share our approach to help students improve their skills when, for example, preparing their CV, preparing for job interviews and knowing the selection processes linked to the industrial environment.

With this initiative, Factor aims to promote better ways of communication and collaboration with Vocational Training Centers and Institutes, as they are key agents in the process of transferring knowledge and professional skills to the industry. Throughout our experience in the selection and management of people, we understand that FOL teachers are a key piece in this system of gears, because they are the ones who guide the boys/girls professionally on what training to choose or how to focus their professional career.

This workshop is but a "pilot" of a project that we would like to develop in the Community. We want to bring the industrial reality of Factor, as a reference company in the field of intelligent manufacturing, closer to the development of quality employment in collaboration with vocational training centers. Thus, and in this first contact, the experience could not have been more satisfactory.

Thank you Lorena, Amparo and Eva for your involvement and generosity. We will continue!

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Nippon diary by Tony Zarza

Antonio Zarza, production director at Factor, shares with us his experience in the land of the rising sun on the occasion of his participation in a training program at Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry Co.,Ltd. and organized by Daunert Máquina Herramienta.

Tokyo is the closest thing to feeling like I'm on another planet, something I'm sure I'll never experience, but despite the surprise, I prefer Kanazawa. It is a quiet and peaceful city and the birthplace of Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry Co.,Ltd.

Finally, I was able to travel to Japan, a trip I had been longing for for a couple of decades. The pandemic truncated the first attempt, and now yes, the Japanese country was kind enough to welcome me as a "student" of the Nakamura factory, manufacturer of CNC lathes on which almost all of my professional career has "revolved".

When we arrived at their facilities, we were welcomed with the Spanish and Portuguese anthem, in honor of the seven students. Four Portuguese and three Spanish. Thus began one of the most fascinating experiences with which I will enrich my résumé. In my opinion, nothing could be more satisfying for a machining professional than a visit to the heart of a factory where the machines, with which one earns one's living with enthusiasm and passion, are manufactured.

Antonio Zarza, director de producción de Factor frente a una máquina CNC de Nakamura Tome en las instalaciones del fabricante.
Antonio Zarza, Factor's production director, in front of a Nakamura Tome CNC machine at the manufacturer's facilities.

Not only that, I was impressed to see first-hand how such a technologically advanced company works. I have shared experiences and knowledge with colleagues who feel the same passion, I have had the privilege of visualizing the challenges faced by the metal fabrication market, and I have also learned some "secrets" that our machines have!

I share with you one of them. Geometry Navigator.

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