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At Factor we promote sustainable and high quality production in turning and precision machining by integrating technologies such as IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to improve efficiency, sustainability and accuracy in our processes. A firm commitment to Industry 4.0 with the mission of increasing international competitiveness, attracting innovative talent and impacting in a positive way on the environment.


Aware of the impact of industry on our planet, at Factor we have reinforced our environmental commitment in a permanent transversal search for excellence. Specifically, the strategy in the operations area related to the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies and methodologies, such as BigData or AI, are allowing us to considerably reduce energy consumption and material waste.

These results support the fact that the sustainable manufacturing we are committed to is the present of the industry. From our position, we invite other companies to join us on this path towards a greener and more prosperous future for all.


The benefits of implementing technologies linked to the Industry 4.0 concept result in greater efficiency and productivity. The quality of decision making is significantly improved and flexibility is amplified; aspects that have a decisive influence on competitiveness.

A concrete case. At Factor we have implemented real-time monitoring of operational processes. This help allows us to predict consumption and optimize certain operations, information that the technician visualizes and, intuitively, makes decisions that improve the process. In this way we simultaneously identify areas for improvement in product quality.


Both sustainability and quality go hand in hand with our relentless pursuit of results, which contribute to our ability to work with creative models of open innovation. Technology facilitates transformation, but cooperation with agents of change in the industrial ecosystem is a priority and fundamental. It plays a crucial role for Factor.

That is why we amplify our call for collaboration with Universities, Research Centers and Technological Institutions, to continue establishing alliances that bring competitive advantages and disruptive capabilities to European industries such as ours.