Among our product range we have standard fasteners (manufactured according to international standards such as DIN, ISO,…) and special fasteners (according to customers’ requirements). In our product catalogue you will find: screws, studs, washers, nuts, inserts…for the following sectors: ironmonger, DIY, accessories for the assembly of furniture, toilets, lighting…
Manufactured in different materials (stainless steel, brass, copper or aluminium) in different resistances (5.8, 6.8, 8.8 or 10.9) and with different surface finishes (zinc coating, bichromate coating, tinning, deltaprotek®, etc..)


Our many years of experience as manufacturers have given us a deep knowledge of both the product and the market. We have a wide network of collaborators and providers, both domestic as well as international, which gives us a great flexibility and competitiveness, making us an essential partner in the management of your fasteners purchases.
Trust us in order to manage the supplies and enjoy the advantages of our service of purchasing centralization for fasteners.


Wide experience and knowledge of the product. More than 30 years support our track record in the market. Let us advise you on the product which best covers your needs.

Save in management costs: centralizing the purchasing in only one supplier will bring you benefits and time-saving in the management of your purchases.

Avoid stockouts with our annual supply programs. We will manage the stock and deliver just in time.

Buy locally with globally selected suppliers. Our presence and national and international distribution agreements will enable to always rely on the most competitive suppliers through a single local negotiator.

All the products supplied are subjected to strict quality controls, both at origin and destination and always under Factor’s guarantee. They comply with the rules regarding Rohs standards, Reach regulation and EC marking in case you require it.
It can be supplied in personalized packaging, neutral or in bags.
Download our catalogue where you will find availability according to sizes and technical information. Ask about our special fasteners range.



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