We specialize in servicing customers of the orthopaedic industry (trauma, dental, rigid prosthesis…). We produce a diverse range of products for companies in this sector, where prosthesis and joints, dental implants and their accessories as well as orthopaedic components, etc. have an outstanding place

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We manufacture customers’ designs under their technical specifications with the most demanding materials: Grade IV-V titanium, AISI 316 LVM, Tilite, POM, PEEK.
Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times by our bilateral agreements on protection of intellectual property and patents.
Our production equipment guarantees a high reliability since it is equipped with the latest advances in technology; high-pressure pump of up to 120 bars to manufacture extra-deep drills, high-frequency engines (ibag) which allow speeds of up to 40,000 revolutions per minute.

We have a dedicated room to manufacture products of the medical range, which allows us to isolate and maintain controlled hygiene and temperature conditions which guarantee the quality of our products.
Our quality department applies the strictest controls on your products, with the possibility of reaching a 100% in case this is required by our customers. We have the most advance control means on vision measuring and systems with 450x magnifications lenses to observe the smallest details in the finishes.
Traceability and data record during production are always guaranteed.
In this moment we are deploying ISO13485.

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