Security and Defence

Security and surveillance equipment, control of access, combat vehicles or producers of ammunition are among our customer base in this strategic sector.
Manufactured both with light materials, such as aluminium or in materials of the steel family (ETG,….) Besides, our CNC equipment with up to 12 axes and 24 driven tools allows us to produce components with multiple operations without external processes.

Our capacity and flexibility allow us to adapt to lot sizes starting from 1,000 units and up to 100,000 units.
We also offer the possibility of incorporating any kind of heat treatment in order to increase the hardness of the materials (heat treated, hardened…) or chemical or electrolytic surface treatments which increase corrosion resistance (zinc coating, nickel coating, deltraprotek®, alloy coating, passivated coating, cataphoretic coating…)
Our technical office works in conjunction with the R&D departments in order to assess and optimize products.
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The quality department carries out all the necessary searches and checks to guarantee that your purchase requirements are met. In case this is required by the customer, we provide:

If a society waives its right to defence, it will be at the mercy of those who decide to be immoral