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Annual #TeamFactor 2024 Meeting

Last Saturday, January 27, we hosted the traditional annual meeting of the whole Factor team, a milestone that significantly marks the beginning of each business year.

The day began with an inspiring speech by our CEO, who shared the key indicators that have guided the company's path over the last 8 years. During this presentation, we were visual witnesses of our progress, evidencing a constant and sustained growth that confirms the strength of the Factor industrial project.

In words of Fernando Gastaldo, "The strength, longevity and magnitude of the sequoias are due to the mutual support and assistance". A statement that curiously set the tone of the day.

Subsequently, the agenda led us to explore the company's strategic objectives for the next 3 years. Firstly, we will focus on open innovation connected to the knowledge environment, establishing close collaboration with universities and technology centers. This will enable us to implement and apply advanced technology in our value processes.

Secondly, we will focus our attention on the group, following the analogy of the sequoias. The objective is to strengthen the skills of each team member, fostering collaboration and collective commitment to differentiate ourselves and face the new challenges that the near future presents us with greater guarantees. Precisely, this 2023 has been a year of many changes. We have shown that we are ready to adapt to the sector's conditions and to be flexible in order to give the team the best of ourselves.

To conclude the day and before enjoying a joint lunch, the management team made up of José Gastaldo (Sales Director), Antonio Zarza (Production Director), Alfredo Gimenez (Innovation Director), Roberto Andrade (Processes Director), Mónica Grau (Quality Director), Juanjo Ocaña (Operations Director) and Ana Sánchez (People Director), shared their impressions and new projects in a "round table" open to participation, which turned out to be one of the highlights of the day.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the people and organizations that contribute to Factor's sustainability and growth. We wish you all a safe journey in this new year and we look forward to seeing you again next year!