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On the road to Quality 4.0

At Factor we are involved for several years in the evolution of our processes, technologies and organizational philosophy towards Industry 4.0.

There is a lot of discussion about this term, although to be specific, for us it involves the team's intellectual adaption in the way of doing things and the technological implementation. This is mainly based on automation and digitization, with specific examples in data exchange, cloud computing, artificial intelligence applied to processes, the internet of things (IoT) and 3D printing. In short, we develop our "core" solutions with a better focus on efficiency, sustainability and productivity. This is our mission.

On this path, quality management is of course a cross-cutting dynamic. At Factor, it is essential to interconnect manufacturing systems and processes, something we have achieved thanks to the new ERP system, which has been fully operational since mid-2023, our own Factor Self-Control System and the internal development of an App for managing non-conformities. It should be noted that the current ERP is for us a complete solutions ecosystem, which among other functionalities, allows us to schedule the best production flow and expand the functions of quality control and traceability.

The implementation of these technologies in the management of our Total Quality Management system is therefore an important support to improve our agility and adaptability to change, being able to predict any potential deviation in our production. For example, the integrated system has the ability to prevent the parts manufacturing out of control limits, alerting if the parts we manufacture are in tolerance, between defined safety limits or out of specification.

This new way of managing production, and therefore quality, helps us to maintain higher quality standards, reduce waste and scrap and therefore, to advance in a better efficiency that allows us to compete in the market in better conditions for our customers.