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Fernando Gastaldo, new president of AFMEC.

With a solid background and commitment to the industrial sector, Fernando assumes the presidency of the Spanish Association of Machining and Metal-Mechanical Transformation (AFMEC), an organization that represents and defends the interests of companies dedicated to machining, cutting, boilermaking and metal-mechanical transformation.

In his first assessment as president of AFMEC, Fernando expressed his enthusiasm and sense of responsibility: "I assume this new stage as president of the Board of Directors with enthusiasm and responsibility. I would like to thank the associates and my colleagues on the Board for the trust they have placed in me. During the next few years, my commitment will be to work to consolidate the lines outlined in our strategic plan".

The new president highlighted the priorities at the association's helm:

  1. Talent development and attraction: Implement measures to promote the talent development, loyalty and attraction, especially among young people and women, groups that are less represented in the current workforces.
  2. Digitalization: Promote the digitalization of the association's companies to improve their competitiveness in an increasingly demanding market.
  3. Business collaboration: Encourage the collaboration and active participation of member companies in all initiatives organized by AFMEC.
  4. Internationalization: Promote the international presence of companies through participation in global events and meetings.
  5. Sustainability: Implement actions and measures to improve sustainability and reduce the sector's environmental footprint.

Fernando is committed to leading the association with a vision for the future, focused on innovation, collaboration and sustainable development, thus ensuring robust and sustainable growth for all companies in the sector.

Fernando's election as president of AFMEC reinforces our belief in cooperation, partnership and open innovation.

Foto de familia durante la celebración del día de la fabricación avanzada.