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Nippon diary by Tony Zarza

Antonio Zarza, production director at Factor, shares with us his experience in the land of the rising sun on the occasion of his participation in a training program at Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry Co.,Ltd. and organized by Daunert Máquina Herramienta.

Tokyo is the closest thing to feeling like I'm on another planet, something I'm sure I'll never experience, but despite the surprise, I prefer Kanazawa. It is a quiet and peaceful city and the birthplace of Nakamura-Tome Precision Industry Co.,Ltd.

Finally, I was able to travel to Japan, a trip I had been longing for for a couple of decades. The pandemic truncated the first attempt, and now yes, the Japanese country was kind enough to welcome me as a "student" of the Nakamura factory, manufacturer of CNC lathes on which almost all of my professional career has "revolved".

When we arrived at their facilities, we were welcomed with the Spanish and Portuguese anthem, in honor of the seven students. Four Portuguese and three Spanish. Thus began one of the most fascinating experiences with which I will enrich my résumé. In my opinion, nothing could be more satisfying for a machining professional than a visit to the heart of a factory where the machines, with which one earns one's living with enthusiasm and passion, are manufactured.

Antonio Zarza, director de producción de Factor frente a una máquina CNC de Nakamura Tome en las instalaciones del fabricante.
Antonio Zarza, Factor's production director, in front of a Nakamura Tome CNC machine at the manufacturer's facilities.

Not only that, I was impressed to see first-hand how such a technologically advanced company works. I have shared experiences and knowledge with colleagues who feel the same passion, I have had the privilege of visualizing the challenges faced by the metal fabrication market, and I have also learned some "secrets" that our machines have!

I share with you one of them. Geometry Navigator.