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Factor shares its key indicators for the 2022 financial year

This step is a further demonstration of our commitment to our customers, employees and collaborators, and allows us to provide a more detailed view of our performance over the past year.

We believe in the value of transparency and engagement with our stakeholders. For this reason, we are sharing indicators that we believe are important for fiscal year 2022. First, we achieved significant revenue growth. Compared to 2021, we improved our revenues by 54%, reaching the figure of 9.1 million euros. This reflects the commitment and efforts of the entire team to increase the competitiveness of our services to customers around the world. In terms of international operations, we have seen significant improvements in our exports to Europe. Sales to countries such as France and Germany, among others in the European Union, increased by 5% compared to the previous year.

In addition to these economic figures, we are particularly proud of our job creation efforts during the year. We increased our workforce to more than 80 people, a significant growth of 28%. A team that is a fundamental pillar of our development, where the incorporation of new talent gives us the opportunity to continue innovating in the metallic industry and offering services of excellence in smart manufacturing.

On the other hand, the incorporation of agile methodologies has allowed us to provide internal training in a very innovative way. Especially at the technical level in the production, quality and engineering areas. This system reinforces the polyvalence of the staff and helps us to maintain a continuous training update of the staff. In this line, we have always considered professional development as a differentiating element for the sustainable growth of the company. For this reason, we would like to share with you three commitments that support our strategy:

1. Commitment to training and specialization. We maintain an 80-20 ratio between university education and specific studies.
2. Commitment to job stability. 93.5% of our team has a permanent contract, providing a stable work environment and promoting job quality.
3. Commitment to career development. In FY 2022, 93% of our employees were evaluated on their job performance, a practice that has allowed us to establish a constructive dialogue between our employees and their direct managers, thus promoting their technical and competency development.

If you would like to see these indicators in more detail, we invite you to consult them on our website:

These indicators are only a synthesis of our will to continue on the path of sustainable growth, the development of our team and the provision of quality solutions to our customers. Together, we hope to continue to achieve new goals and build an even more promising future.